We Believe in Creating Artful Solutions


We believe that landscaping is the art of the living outdoor space.


An Artful Solution to Landscape Design is Murphy & Associates Philosophy. 

As a member of a project design team with the architect, interior designer and project owners, Murphy & Associates applies key principles of design. Each design element works together creating spaces that are comfortable, pleasing to the eye and interesting as the seasonís change. Working together ensures that the design will flow in and out of the structure, while meeting the needs of the project's owner. Art is visible in the design by the use of materials, size and shape, texture and color, much like a good painting.  


Our business is build on referrals.

Since 1988, Murphy & Associates has guided each project from the design phase through the completion of construction. We manage all the different contractors that can be involved. Seeking out artisans to execute certain portions of a project is critical to accomplish the intended design and just plain old fun. We are lucky to say that we love and enjoy what we do.

Breadth of Experience

Murphy & Associates has undertaken a diverse range of landscape projects; office retail centers, medical facilities, public institutions, residential communities and some of the area's most beautiful homes. 

We are always working to improve and maintain all the natural features of a site. Our team educates our clients on sustainable development when ever possible. Learning new techniques and practices to save natural resources and improve our services is on going. 

Please think of us for your next project. Thank You, Murphy & Associates
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